My CozyGirrl Visit


A couple on months ago, Debbi (Epoxy Lady) and I paid a visit to Chrissi and Randi's project in St. Louis MO.

My main mission was to, once and for all, make a firm decision as engine choice.  Presently, I'm at the stage where everything I do to the plane now has to be adapted to the engine/avionics I plan to use.

To this point I had been giving serious consideration to placing a Renesis engine on my plane.  But, I had been agonizing over the engineering obstacles.  My background is electronics, sales, and Nursing.  My hope was, when I first began building this plane, when I got to the point where I needed to make engine decisions there would be a firewall aft package available.  Something I could just by the parts and bolt them on. Sadly though, this is not to be (at present).

In a nutshell, I decided it would be wiser, (at least for me), to put a proven engine package on an unproven plane.  Once the plane is proven, THEN put an unproven engine in the back of it.

I'm still a very large believer in the rotary engine, its smoothness, and it's reliability.  But, I'm not an engineer, and frankly, don't want to do the work required to become one to finish this project. I just want to get into the air.

The Cozy Girrls, with their beautiful workmanship and well thought out engine planning, successfully talked me out of the rotary installation.  End of story.  Shortly after my visit with them, I was able to close the deal on a firewall aft package for a Lycoming I0-360. I'm really looking forward to installing it. (AND sleeping better at night.)

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