Chapter 8
Headrests, Seatbelt, Heat Duct

This Chapter is going to be rather short for now. I'm holding off on the headrests because I'm not sure what type I'm going to use. John Slade's website a pretty good idea,though.

I did manage to install the seatbelt hard-points and the heat-duct. They went in pretty much according to the plans.

Here is a shot of one of the hard-points. I found the grinding wheel the easiest way to get the compound cuts on the bottom side to conform to the lower longeron. I plan on drilling the holes and fitting the hardware at a later date

Just for the fun of it, I include a shot of me in full sanding gear. (Like the beard?)

Below are pre- and post-glassed shots of the heat duct. It went in with minor adjustments. (I actually didn't forget to make mirror images of the parts this time!!!)

Here's a shot of the aft end of the fuselage. To the left of the pic you can make out the heat duct. I left the transition tube off because I'm keeping my cockpit heating options open. The area you see between the rear LG BH and the Firewall has not been glassed yet.

Left: Back seat view from the rear.

Chapter 8 finished .... for now. I'll return later to complete seat belts and headrest.

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