12/01/99                                                                          Fuselage Sides

Here are a few details of the unglassed fuselage sides. I decided to mount Vance's fuel gauges in a recessed/flat fashion. The white strip you see in the fuel gauge area is peel ply so I don't have to sand this area when glassing the fuel tanks. Hint: Cut your masonite before you mount the jigs...much easier than working on the floor. And nail the masonite in a way that they just touch the jigs...this will keep the curves from mal-forming. I used the Roto-Zip tool set at proper depth to cup out the control stick bevels. I also used it to cut the foam to angle by clamping it in a Work-Mate table,(Kind of make-shift table saw. MacGuyver would've been proud!)

Here are a few shots of the lower longerons being floxed on. Trust me... I had a lot of weights on the upper longerons to get them down to my satisfaction. The clamps are cheap..$1 apiece a Home Depot, and they come in real handy.

In the background of the above left shot, you'll see the cutting table and cloth dispenser. I cover them when not in use to minimize contamination.

Here, you see a couple shots of the aft end of the fuselage. I still have much of the glass peel plied, I plan on removing it as necessary. The foam to fill in LWX/LWY area is the same stuff used for the longeron spacers. Easy to work with. The extra sliver of foam you see at right was because I had wrongly assumed the electrical channel was parallel to the stringer. No one will know once the 6ply glass is on. The plan's instructions for making the plugs were ok. I ended up improvising a little with Saran Wrap, stir sticks, and 3/4x3/4 stock in order to get nice square sides and flat top. Below is a shot of the finished aft fuselage sides as installed in the firewall. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Biggest mistake made this chapter: Not trimming the foam along the lower edge of sides plumb with the table. I had to add in a little foam to make it right. this error was discovered while making measurements for installation of the lower longeron

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