Chapter 24
Covers and Fairings


OK. So now we get into some of the more simple, mundane stuff. Believe it ,or not, I found this section very comforting and relaxing. For once... I'm not working on a section which, if not done properly, has a good chance of totally ruining "First Flight".

At right, you see the ever popular micro-stage of glassing. I used a 2X4 between the supports to get proper spacing.

At left, the finished product. I used some straight metal w/clamps to get a nice finished edge at the aft end.

And now, onward to the armrests.

No major surprizes here. Except I plan on using Wayne Hick's method of attaching the armrests. I just don't see much contribution to structural integrity here, and I really value the ability to easily access the control tubes if necessary. So removable it is.
Drywall screws and an electric screwdriver are indispensible here. They allow you to hold a particular angle on the foam, and fix it there, for later glassing.

I made both map pockets at once. It took maybe 30 minutes. But if you want to get the prefab ones, so you have more time for brain surgery... that's OK too

Here I am cutting the section which will eventually become the seat backs and thigh supports for the back seat. The arm rests for the back seats went the same as the front seats.

Ready for glassing.

The rear seatbacks and thigh supports went pretty much like the front

Hint: Make sure you have more than 30 of the AVEX 1601-0414 rivets called for in the plans.

After doing as much as I can on the inside of the fuselage, it'll be time to flip it over and finish the belly. Then, install the rear main gear, wheels, and breaking system. After that, flip it back over...and have that "On the Gear Party". Then install the Main Spar and onward to the strakes!!!

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